Frutti di Mare has recently opened in one of the busiest spots in Athens center. It is a fast-casual seafood restaurant with a culinary tradition that started as a restaurant in Thessaloniki and continues energetically in realizing the vision of the founder of Frutti Di Mare, Tassos Iosifidis. The goal of the entrepreneur is to spread his idea throughout Greece . This means we can guarantee quick but healthy meals at affordable prices.
The brand new, Frutti Di Mare Athens, at 9-11 Voulis Street in Syntagma, can be a place to gather and relax from the fast pace of the city of Athens, but also satisfy those looking for quality food, at an affordable price, midday and evening.
Clearly, what this new fish bar can offer did not “fall from the sky”. On the contrary, they are based on a successful course in the field of catering and in particular in terms of offering a tasty, healthy (o-3 fat) quality and economical seafood and fish menu

We are of course referring to the shop in Thessaloniki which has been flourishing in the streets of the enchanting co-capital for thirteen years, under the guidance of its founder, Tassos Iosifidis.
His vision – which is not left in words – to offer classic Greek flavors in a modern, fast-paced, constantly changing and evolving context.
In other words, Frutti Di Mare of Athens is convinced that it can offer not just another culinary proposal, but a completely different culinary experience based on many years of experience and love for good and quality food.
Our outdoor area, with tables, tasteful and fresh, like a small oasis in the center of Athens, is offered for your lunch stop. Our aged brick decor, with wooden accents, reminds us of some picturesque Cycladic island.

So we invite you to our own taste challenge, to taste our menu that offers options for sit-down dining and take away.You can choose “canned fish”, shrimp-squid-anchovy box, fish meatballs and many more and we suggest you try our take away, “fish in hand” (sandwich withthe exciting Pontic lava bread – accompanied by smoked salmon, pangasius fillet or seafood kebab).
‌ Try the most gourmet options in our sitting room with appetizers, fish fillets, salads and pasta-related dishes of the day, such as risotto or barley pasta and shrimp, all at the same time.
In the short period of our presence in Athens, we receive very positive comments from our customers, with the top ones for cod, squid, but also that we have the best fried potato in Athens.
Finally, at Frutti Di Mare in Athens, fish becomes accessible to everyone, wine again becomes the necessary match for food, retsina, ouzo and tsipouro accompanied with our seafood, a smile is not a luxury, but neither is it a luxury, just our way!

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