Gourmet flavours

  • Fish roe of Mesologgi (4 pcs)

    Greek caviar

  • Grilled Squid 300 gr.

    With remix or garlic lemon foam, hot and fava.

  • Scallops with pastrami (2 pcs)

    Delicious & browned cooked in pastrami

  • Steamed Mussels

    Cooked In white wine

  • Fried squid*

    Crunchy crust
    Served with remoulade sauce

  • Anchovy in beer crust or sardines in lava grill

    The Greek side of gourmet

  • Monkfish*

    With few juice of lemon

  • Spetsofai of seafood

    Green, red & yellow peppers
    with “frutti di mare”

  • Grilled octopus* (3/4 pulpo)

    Virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar of Kalamata

  • Fishball

    With cocktail sauce

  • Karpatsio di pulpo

    Drizzled with oil and balsamic vinegar
    pine cone & parmesan

  • Sevitse

    Sea bass with greens, limes and coriander.

Pasta & Risotto

  • “Tartufo” shrimp pasta

    18 month aged parmesan.
    It is prepared in front of your eyes

  • “Frutti di mare” pasta

    With the unique tomato sauce
    of Frutti di Mare

  • Pasta with tuna

    With the unique tomato sauce
    of Frutti di Mare

  • Vanilla & shrimp risotto

    Amazing flavour, refined with
    vanilla & basil

  • Seafood & lemon risotto

    Variety of seafood with lemon risotto
    & fresh rocket

  • Orzo with shrimps & trufle oil

    The most tasty orzo you have ever eaten

  • Mussel pilaff with safran

    Safran from Kozani, mussels and pilaff

  • Black orzo

    Cuttlefish cooked with orzo and ink.

  • Paella (for 2 people)

    Original with safran from Kozani

Something with cheese

  • Barrel feta cheese

    Cured in natural wooden habitat

  • Fried Mastelo of Chios

    With a bit o lemon juice & it’s ready

  • French Goat Chevre with nuts & honey

    Amazing appetizer assorted with
    aged white wine

  • Bougiourdi

    With variety of cheese & hot peppers
    by preference

  • Smoked cheese of Vermio

    Yellow smoked cheese fried with sesame

  • Talagani

    Baked yellow cheese served with tomato jam

Four Dishes Menu

  • Four dishes menu

    Soup, salad, main course & desert


  • Greek salad with dakos from Crete

    Delicious salad with greek feta cheese,
    peppermint & juicy tomato

  • Tuna salad

    Variety of salads, tuna,
    corn & mustard dressing

  • Mediterranean with parmesan or feta cheese

    With fresh rocket, lettuce & balsamic vinegar dressing

  • Spinach salad

    With honey sauce, sun dried tomato & mix with nuts

  • Di Mare with sea fruits

    Baby octopus, baby cuttlefish on the top of a fresh green salad

  • Boiled green salad

    The most fresh green herbs in every season

  • Mixed salad with smoked salmon

    With remoulade sauce & spinach

  • Goustoza

    Mixed salad with a mix of nuts & pomegranates
    or without

  • Χωριάτικη σε γλάστρα Χωριάτικη σε γλάστρα

    Greek salad in flower pot

    With tomato acorn

  • Mix Salad

    Mixed salad with oil and balsamic dressing.

  • Cool – Salad with orange

    Various salads, orange & dressing juice


  • Psarou’s dish

    Every day fish soup

The Neccesary Ones

  • Smoked macherel

    With virgin olive oil, onion & tomato

  • Spanish anchovies

    With vinegar & olive oil (per piece)

  • Sea urchin salad

    Flavour of the ocean

  • Smoked eel with fava from Santorini

    The ultimate titbit for ouzo (2pcs)

  • Mama’s potatoes with cheese sauce

    Fresh fried potatoes

  • Basmati’s rice

    Granular and aromatic

  • Striped Tuna

    From Konstantinoupoli (Istanbul)

  • Crumpled

    Roasting potato with pestrami


  • Tzatziki

    Handmade with strained yogurt
    & fresh cucmber

  • White fish roe sauce

    Prepared with virgin olive oil & fresh lemon

  • Athenian crapsalad

    Tasty fish pieces with crumb crap
    & mayonaise sauce

  • Portobello mushrooms baked to lawa grill

    Meat flavour for the vegeterians

  • Hummus

    Chickpeas, tahini, olive oil & spices

  • Roula’s cheese salad

    With draft feta cheese

  • Homemade eggplant salad

    With walnuts and chopped feta cheese.

  • Dakos with tuna

    Tuna, herbs & extra virgine olive oil

  • Fava of Santorini with caramelized onions

  • Frutti Meze

    12 different tapas
    for 2 people

Our Variety of Meats

  • Beef T-bone (300gr)


    Το γνήσιο Αμερικάνικο Beef Steak

  • Yogurt sauce meatball, cuisine of Instabul

  • Tenderloin souvlaki 250 gr.

  • Taliata

    Mellow and tasty

  • Pistolia

    Pork with the pancetta

An Absolute MUST

  • Bream (2 fillets)

  • Sea Bass (2 fillets)

  • Salmon (1 slice)

  • Nirea’s crispy fish

    With fermented bread & fresh fish
    both baked in the oven (1 fillet)

  • Solea (when it exists)

Frutti Di Mare FISH & CHIPS

Fish in Quick Form

  • 8,50

    Cod “Frutti di mare”

    With fried potatoes & garlic sauce of yogurt

  • 7,50

    Fish Burger

    Fishburger, remoulade sauce & mustard sauce

  • 7,90

    Club sandwich

    Smoked salmon & french fries

  • 4,80

    With baked Salmon

    White baguette or warm lava with remoulade sauce
    & green salad

  • 9,00

    Fish Burger with fried potatoes & cheese sauce

    Fishburger, remoulade sauce & mustard sauce

  • 4,90

    Fish box Squid

    With french fries & remoulade sauce

  • 6,50

    Fish box breaded shrimps

    With fried potatoes & cocktail sauce

Our Bread

  • Bread lavas (individual portion)

    Authentic lavas bread with salt, oregan, olive oil
    & bruscet sauce

Variously cooked shrimp

  • Fried shrimp wrapped in potato spaghetti (4 pieces)

    Crispy & delicious with cocktail sauce

  • Shrimp N8/12 grilled garlic butter (3pcs)

    A little bit spicy with tomato sauce

  • Shrimp N8/12* sahanaki (3pcs)

    A little bit spicy with tomato sauce

  • Shrimp N8/12 with tomato sauce (4 τεμ.)

    Tomato sauce and chopped parmesan cheese.

  • Shrimp grill N8/12 (4 pcs.)

    With mashed celery and cocktail sauce.

Vegan & Vegetarian

  • Mom’s potatoes

  • Mashed celery

  • Mushrooms

  • Vegetables with pasta or orzo

  • Rizotto with mushrooms and trufle oil

  • Fava of Santorini

  • Plate of Greengrocer

    Fresh vegetables grilled

  • Eggplant salad

  • Sweet with spoon

Fish of the day

  • Fish of the day

    (Bogue, horse mackerel, mackerel)
    with green boiled salad

  • Fish in the oven roasting

    Mashed celery with fish

  • Frying pan of the fisherman

    Boops boops, scads, mackerel, red mullet etc.


  • White sin – Tiramisu

    Depenting on the season

  • Sweet with spoon