The “Frutti di Mare” is an innovative gastronomic proposal,

which was the starting point in Berlin by successful Greek businessmanTasosIosifidis, who due time saw a tendency for good and affordable food, and to this healthy food, fish and seafood.
The conclusion of these two trends combined with deep knowledge of the culinary art, but also the operator of aesthetics resulted in the creation of a unique new concept, in which the world responded immediately and with great fervor.
From the Fish & Chips and traditional appetizers, to the most exquisite haute cuisine dishes offered by “Frutti di Mare” the goal is common and can be summarized as follows:
Quality raw materials, handcrafted and delicious recipes, affordable prices and with the most friendly and professional service.

Combining uniquely fish bar with take away

the Frutti Di Mare creates a new type of restaurant all day long.

The slow food run fast / fish becomes accessible to all / wine once again becomes the indispensable partner of the food / ouzo and tsipouro reunite with sea / smile is not a luxury / but neither luxury is luxury / is simply our way.

In Frutti Di Mare must are the fish fillet, risotto with vanilla and shrimps, kritharoto shrimp and also spaghetti Tartufo.


At the same time the fish is wrapped around delicious fresh bread,

is available as a burger and offered in the most affordable gourmet version.
It is a unique concept, innovative for Greek standards, based on the particular design, unique product mix of high nutritional value, the exclusive recipes, the warm and friendly atmosphere.

Σάντουιτς di mare με καπνιστό Σολομό