• Komninon 20, Louloudadika, Thessaloniki
  • +30 2310 239100


The Frutti Di Mare store is located in the heart of Thessaloniki,

in the historic center, on the street Komninon 20.

The floor of the store has been coated with a dark wood and combined with the wainscot iroko on the wall imitating modern ship deck.
Η τοποθεσία μας, στην καρδιά της Θεσσαλονίκης

Intermediates in the wood paneling are found two blackboards, store’s trademark.

In blackboards (which with the passage of time they seem more like wallpaper)have signed all of our famous clients – politicians, businessmen, artists, athletes and celebrities from all over the world.
Μαυροπίνακες στον Εσωτερικό Χώρο

The ceiling of the internal hall

It consists of a special artistic theme with wooden creations inspired by the seabed. In parallel in the kitchen ceiling is depicted graphically as such the nautical map representing the navigable portion of the Earth’s surface.

On the tables and chairs dominates the color of white patina, while w.c. It has become pebble investment. The aged brick walls in the rest of the shop refers to the old port. Image complete the lighting of the lobby that is inspired by pyrofani trawl fisheries.

Η Διακόσμηση της Οροφής με τον Ναυτικό Χάρτη