The Frutti Di Mare store is located in the heart of Thessaloniki,

in the historic center, on the street Komninon 20.

The floor of the store has been coated with a dark wood and combined with the wainscot iroko on the wall imitating modern ship deck.
Η τοποθεσία μας, στην καρδιά της Θεσσαλονίκης

Intermediates in the wood paneling are found two blackboards, store’s trademark.

In blackboards (which with the passage of time they seem more like wallpaper)have signed all of our famous clients – politicians, businessmen, artists, athletes and celebrities from all over the world.
Μαυροπίνακες στον Εσωτερικό Χώρο

The ceiling of the internal hall

It consists of a special artistic theme with wooden creations inspired by the seabed. In parallel in the kitchen ceiling is depicted graphically as such the nautical map representing the navigable portion of the Earth’s surface.

On the tables and chairs dominates the color of white patina, while w.c. It has become pebble investment. The aged brick walls in the rest of the shop refers to the old port. Image complete the lighting of the lobby that is inspired by pyrofani trawl fisheries.

Η Διακόσμηση της Οροφής με τον Ναυτικό Χάρτη

TOUR 360ᵒ

Δείτε το εσωτερικό του καταστήματος σε 360ᵒ VR camera

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Our Menu

Gourmet flavours

  • Fish roe of Mesologgi (4 pcs)

    Greek caviar

  • Grilled Squid 300 gr.

    With remix or garlic lemon foam, hot and fava.

  • Scallops with pastrami (2 pcs)

    Delicious & browned cooked in pastrami

  • Steamed Mussels

    Cooked In white wine

  • Fried squid*

    Crunchy crust
    Served with remoulade sauce

  • Anchovy in beer crust or sardines in lava grill

    The Greek side of gourmet

  • Monkfish*

    With few juice of lemon

  • Spetsofai of seafood

    Green, red & yellow peppers
    with “frutti di mare”

  • Grilled octopus* (3/4 pulpo)

    Virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar of Kalamata

  • Fishball

    With cocktail sauce

  • Karpatsio di pulpo

    Drizzled with oil and balsamic vinegar
    pine cone & parmesan

  • Sevitse

    Sea bass with greens, limes and coriander.

Pasta & Risotto

  • “Tartufo” shrimp pasta

    18 month aged parmesan.
    It is prepared in front of your eyes

  • “Frutti di mare” pasta

    With the unique tomato sauce
    of Frutti di Mare

  • Pasta with tuna

    With the unique tomato sauce
    of Frutti di Mare

  • Vanilla & shrimp risotto

    Amazing flavour, refined with
    vanilla & basil

  • Seafood & lemon risotto

    Variety of seafood with lemon risotto
    & fresh rocket

  • Orzo with shrimps & trufle oil

    The most tasty orzo you have ever eaten

  • Mussel pilaff with safran

    Safran from Kozani, mussels and pilaff

  • Black orzo

    Cuttlefish cooked with orzo and ink.

  • Paella (for 2 people)

    Original with safran from Kozani

Something with cheese

  • Barrel feta cheese

    Cured in natural wooden habitat

  • Fried Mastelo of Chios

    With a bit o lemon juice & it’s ready

  • French Goat Chevre with nuts & honey

    Amazing appetizer assorted with
    aged white wine

  • Bougiourdi

    With variety of cheese & hot peppers
    by preference

  • Smoked cheese of Vermio

    Yellow smoked cheese fried with sesame

  • Talagani

    Baked yellow cheese served with tomato jam

Four Dishes Menu

  • Four dishes menu

    Soup, salad, main course & desert


  • Greek salad with dakos from Crete

    Delicious salad with greek feta cheese,
    peppermint & juicy tomato

  • Tuna salad

    Variety of salads, tuna,
    corn & mustard dressing

  • Mediterranean with parmesan or feta cheese

    With fresh rocket, lettuce & balsamic vinegar dressing

  • Spinach salad

    With honey sauce, sun dried tomato & mix with nuts

  • Di Mare with sea fruits

    Baby octopus, baby cuttlefish on the top of a fresh green salad

  • Boiled green salad

    The most fresh green herbs in every season

  • Mixed salad with smoked salmon

    With remoulade sauce & spinach

  • Goustoza

    Mixed salad with a mix of nuts & pomegranates
    or without

  • Χωριάτικη σε γλάστρα Χωριάτικη σε γλάστρα

    Greek salad in flower pot

    With tomato acorn

  • Mix Salad

    Mixed salad with oil and balsamic dressing.

  • Cool – Salad with orange

    Various salads, orange & dressing juice


  • Psarou’s dish

    Every day fish soup

The Neccesary Ones

  • Smoked macherel

    With virgin olive oil, onion & tomato

  • Spanish anchovies

    With vinegar & olive oil (per piece)

  • Sea urchin salad

    Flavour of the ocean

  • Smoked eel with fava from Santorini

    The ultimate titbit for ouzo (2pcs)

  • Mama’s potatoes with cheese sauce

    Fresh fried potatoes

  • Basmati’s rice

    Granular and aromatic

  • Striped Tuna

    From Konstantinoupoli (Istanbul)

  • Crumpled

    Roasting potato with pestrami


  • Tzatziki

    Handmade with strained yogurt
    & fresh cucmber

  • White fish roe sauce

    Prepared with virgin olive oil & fresh lemon

  • Athenian crapsalad

    Tasty fish pieces with crumb crap
    & mayonaise sauce

  • Portobello mushrooms baked to lawa grill

    Meat flavour for the vegeterians

  • Hummus

    Chickpeas, tahini, olive oil & spices

  • Roula’s cheese salad

    With draft feta cheese

  • Homemade eggplant salad

    With walnuts and chopped feta cheese.

  • Dakos with tuna

    Tuna, herbs & extra virgine olive oil

  • Fava of Santorini with caramelized onions

  • Frutti Meze

    12 different tapas
    for 2 people

Our Variety of Meats

  • Beef T-bone (300gr)


    Το γνήσιο Αμερικάνικο Beef Steak

  • Yogurt sauce meatball, cuisine of Instabul

  • Tenderloin souvlaki 250 gr.

  • Taliata

    Mellow and tasty

  • Pistolia

    Pork with the pancetta

An Absolute MUST

  • Bream (2 fillets)

  • Sea Bass (2 fillets)

  • Salmon (1 slice)

  • Nirea’s crispy fish

    With fermented bread & fresh fish
    both baked in the oven (1 fillet)

  • Solea (when it exists)

Frutti Di Mare FISH & CHIPS

Fish in Quick Form

  • 8,50

    Cod “Frutti di mare”

    With fried potatoes & garlic sauce of yogurt

  • 7,50

    Fish Burger

    Fishburger, remoulade sauce & mustard sauce

  • 7,90

    Club sandwich

    Smoked salmon & french fries

  • 4,80

    With baked Salmon

    White baguette or warm lava with remoulade sauce
    & green salad

  • 9,00

    Fish Burger with fried potatoes & cheese sauce

    Fishburger, remoulade sauce & mustard sauce

  • 4,90

    Fish box Squid

    With french fries & remoulade sauce

  • 6,50

    Fish box breaded shrimps

    With fried potatoes & cocktail sauce

Our Bread

  • Bread lavas (individual portion)

    Authentic lavas bread with salt, oregan, olive oil
    & bruscet sauce

Variously cooked shrimp

  • Fried shrimp wrapped in potato spaghetti (4 pieces)

    Crispy & delicious with cocktail sauce

  • Shrimp N8/12 grilled garlic butter (3pcs)

    A little bit spicy with tomato sauce

  • Shrimp N8/12* sahanaki (3pcs)

    A little bit spicy with tomato sauce

  • Shrimp N8/12 with tomato sauce (4 τεμ.)

    Tomato sauce and chopped parmesan cheese.

  • Shrimp grill N8/12 (4 pcs.)

    With mashed celery and cocktail sauce.

Vegan & Vegetarian

  • Mom’s potatoes

  • Mashed celery

  • Mushrooms

  • Vegetables with pasta or orzo

  • Rizotto with mushrooms and trufle oil

  • Fava of Santorini

  • Plate of Greengrocer

    Fresh vegetables grilled

  • Eggplant salad

  • Sweet with spoon

Fish of the day

  • Fish of the day

    (Bogue, horse mackerel, mackerel)
    with green boiled salad

  • Fish in the oven roasting

    Mashed celery with fish

  • Frying pan of the fisherman

    Boops boops, scads, mackerel, red mullet etc.


  • White sin – Tiramisu

    Depenting on the season

  • Sweet with spoon