A big dream that transformed into an even bigger vision is the beginning of Frutti di Mare. In 2010, the already successful catering entrepreneur and founder of Frutti di Mare Anastasios Iosifidis, having many years of experience in the catering industry, decided that the hard-to-reach and impersonal gourmet food can become accessible in the form of a restaurant, but also Take Away.

And that’s exactly what happened! Until today, hundreds of thousands of people from Greece and abroad have chosen to dine at Frutti Di Mare, the most fantastic, innovative and unique Fish Bar Restaurant. We listen to the needs of the seasons and respect the dietary particularities of our customers, offering a comprehensive menu that covers even the most demanding!

Secret recipes of seafood dishes and appetizers, as well as subversive proposals, such as Burger and Seafood Club sandwich rank us in the first positions of restaurants in Thessaloniki among hundreds of other restaurants (see Tripavisor)!

We choose the best raw materials, create exclusive recipes, have formulated a highly nutritious product and created a very welcoming space with a warm atmosphere that makes customers our friends.

When you dine at Frutti Di Mare you feel the VIP treatment, such as the cooking of some of our menu dishes in front of you, the excellent behavior of our staff, but also many surprises after the end of the meal, such as free and unlimited liquor and our handmade sweets.

In our restaurant, the fish fillet, the seafood risotto, the shrimp barley, the lava bread, as well as the Tartufo pasta are musts.

During such a special period of quarantine, Frutti di Mare found a way to stay active and continue to serve its customers. Specifically, our customers had the opportunity to enjoy our delicacies, such as Fish Box squid, Fish Box shrimp and other seafood delicacies, in the form of Take Away and Online Delivery.


In recent years and taking into account the difficult conditions that prevailed with the pandemic, “we have put the fish in the can” and succeeded in turning fast food into a highly nutritious, tasty and affordable meal. It is a special idea, pioneering for Greek standards, based on the special design, the unique product mix of high nutritional value, the exclusive recipes, the warm and friendly atmosphere. Here, you eat a small fish in a can and get change from €10.

Today, we look forward to being near you, serving you and accompanying you in a magical culinary experience… through our restaurant in the heart of Thessaloniki, as well as in Cyprus, where Frutti di Mare has expanded with the franchise method, creating 2 new stores in Limassol and Nicosia. Otherwise, you can enjoy the fish in the can, through Take Away and Online Delivery at your place!